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      Revision 32 is out.   11/21/2017

      Phoenix Engine: Phoenix events has deleted. PvP Zone: Fixed the problem with respawn button (bug for rev26) Added .exit command. Gives you 3 sec to leave if you aren't in combat. L2FlagZone renamed to FlagZone (as all the others zones). acis update. Skills: Chant of Victory/Magnus/ p.of wind/ p.of fire/ p.of water now you can change from one buff to the other without problem. Fixed the heal with some hero weapons. (again rev 26 bug) Many skills has been fixed/reworked with acis latest rev. Other misc: Fixed the problem with drop items on the ground. Fixed the Observe mode in olympiad. Double archer shot (by acis) Added message when you add a subclass. Removed the Menu panel from revision 28. We use another now. The invul command for GM characters changed from //invul to //setinvul Changed the style of the raidboss info npc. Announce the clan name or player name on raidbosses kill.
      ex. The raidboss Horus has been killed by blabla Clan. or by killer player. (Thanks Reborn for help) Added announce on end siege when a clan win the castle.
      ex. The clan Blabla has take the x castle. Added a new way to recovery your MP with mana potion. (New Item Handler for mana potions).
      With config you can set the value of MP recovery.
      Added Infinity Mana Potion. Set it true and always you can use only 1 mana pot. Added config for max value P.atk speed & M.atk speed.
      ex. By default is 2000. So, the player will get max p.atk speed or m.atk speed 2000. Vote System: Removed the server link from announce. Changed the info announce for votes.
      Startup System: Reworked the whole system. Removed:
      Preview zones/buffs button/all the icons. Added new style for Startup system. Check the PHOTOS Cleric class removed. It was mistake to have the first class in there.

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  3. Servidor offline?
  4. Hi, I want to buy the pack! I use the rev free, but the character is bug, I would like to know if that bug exists in the rev. 32, and I want to buy it!

    Email: la2reload.donacion@gmail.com

    1. blackzer0


      how do i get the rv32

  5. Cheap L2Web Design for sale -->


  6. Hello community. Below I will give you a site that you can add your Lineage II Server for free. Site running with over 8.500 Lineage II Players. Also, this site provide you and other Categories like: Lineage II Tutorials PC Games Console Games Mobile Games for more you can visit the Categories page. Website: NewGames.gg Facebook page: NewGamesGG Team L2jNetwork.com
  7. Server offline ?
  8. Grand master Aiken is not working for making saga of dreadnought 3rd class quest. Quest section missing in html. I tried to add quest link in html but no changes takes effect. NPC id is 30850 Update: Nevermind i fixed it
  9. New patch uploaded. Test server updated to revision 32.
  10. Revision 32 is out.

  11. Updated.
  12. I hope Baggos will fix Divine Inspiration bug in next revision. 


  13. Why cant u take clean interlude patch which supports win10 and put everything inside thus making a decent patch? If u are afraid of ip changes in l2.ini, just use subdomain in it. Having these files shared separately is a good idea, but for most users they would prefer system patch with everything included. Now it's just extra steps to login to a test server lol. And you don't want to add extra steps for a potential client because you may ruin chances of converting him into client.
  14. Thanks to mili we have the live server for you guys. Call your friends and test your things.. Soon coming new rev.
  15. Yes i seen it yesterday. I already joined with 1 friend and tested some thinks. Not so bad to be honest. Keep up the job guys !!! For sure i will use this Project soon !!!
  16. the server is up and running
  17. Hello guys. Happy new year !!!! I just tried to Login at the ' Test Server ' and i can't login. Any news there? Thank you. TheFlashh Edit: Sorry i thought the l2.ini was in it !
  18. i bought l2jnetwork and i cant use it because dev's from acis removed internal/external host support. Now nobody answers. I paid for nothing 

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    2. SangeNegru


      We are about 20 people who will play, im not making this server for money, some of us raised the money because i thought this l2jnetwork will be more stable. Now, baggos is not answering to pms, when it was about money he was quite fast to answer to get them. This is very pro... 

    3. 'Baggos'


      I gave you a answer but come on, it was christmas days and I was out for days.. True, when we speak to purchase the membership I was fast enough to help you to use it faster, as you asked me to be fast.. :)

      Happy new year..

    4. SangeNegru


      This status was before your answer dude. But problem was solved, so is ok. Is no problem anymore, have a good year dude ;)

  19. Sorry guys, the server will be down for 2 days, internet issues. Regards.
  20. Why not use Linux?
  21. Guys do not forget to test the bugs and on our live test server.. Thanks to mili1990 we can work on clean files.
  22. Hello friend now that you have made the new updates you could please unlock my account "anakinl2" I can read the doubts please you said that as soon as you dread the new updates you would solve my problem.


  23. Revisions 28/29/31 are out! 
    3 revs because I was out for 1 month.


  24. I didn`t notice there is a section with live server. I will update as soon you release rev29
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