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      Revision 32 is out.   11/21/2017

      Phoenix Engine: Phoenix events has deleted. PvP Zone: Fixed the problem with respawn button (bug for rev26) Added .exit command. Gives you 3 sec to leave if you aren't in combat. L2FlagZone renamed to FlagZone (as all the others zones). acis update. Skills: Chant of Victory/Magnus/ p.of wind/ p.of fire/ p.of water now you can change from one buff to the other without problem. Fixed the heal with some hero weapons. (again rev 26 bug) Many skills has been fixed/reworked with acis latest rev. Other misc: Fixed the problem with drop items on the ground. Fixed the Observe mode in olympiad. Double archer shot (by acis) Added message when you add a subclass. Removed the Menu panel from revision 28. We use another now. The invul command for GM characters changed from //invul to //setinvul Changed the style of the raidboss info npc. Announce the clan name or player name on raidbosses kill.
      ex. The raidboss Horus has been killed by blabla Clan. or by killer player. (Thanks Reborn for help) Added announce on end siege when a clan win the castle.
      ex. The clan Blabla has take the x castle. Added a new way to recovery your MP with mana potion. (New Item Handler for mana potions).
      With config you can set the value of MP recovery.
      Added Infinity Mana Potion. Set it true and always you can use only 1 mana pot. Added config for max value P.atk speed & M.atk speed.
      ex. By default is 2000. So, the player will get max p.atk speed or m.atk speed 2000. Vote System: Removed the server link from announce. Changed the info announce for votes.
      Startup System: Reworked the whole system. Removed:
      Preview zones/buffs button/all the icons. Added new style for Startup system. Check the PHOTOS Cleric class removed. It was mistake to have the first class in there.


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    Free live test server

    I like your work here guys and i hope this project will have a good future. I don`t have time and I`m not the best java developer to help the community but at least i can offer you place where we can all meet. The configuration of the server is more the enough for a test server also i have a 500mb up link internet. The server will run 24/24 I will set access level 8 for everyone so don`t share outside community. Thx baggos and his team for hard work DOWNLOAD PATCH
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    NewGames.gg Add your server for free!

    Hello community. Below I will give you a site that you can add your Lineage II Server for free. Site running with over 8.500 Lineage II Players. Also, this site provide you and other Categories like: Lineage II Tutorials PC Games Console Games Mobile Games for more you can visit the Categories page. Website: NewGames.gg Facebook page: NewGamesGG Team L2jNetwork.com
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    Free live test server

    New patch uploaded. Test server updated to revision 32.
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    Revisions 28/29/31 are out! 3 revs because I was out for 1 month.
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    Hello SickJacken. You can contact with me to open a test server for you via hamachi.